Insight Cathay

A podcast powered by Student Association of Belt and Road Initiative (SABRI), which invites people who live, work and study in China to tell their stories

Each episode takes the form of an informal chat with two friendly hosts, discussing interesting aspects of lǎowài life and getting varied perspectives on building a life in China.

We welcome anyone from anywhere in the world with an interesting story to tell in our podcast!

Episode 03

Overcoming Cultural Differences through Communication

In the third episode, we talk with Ghaffar, another fascinating Tsinghua student who explains his China journey with a particular focus on cross-cultural communication. He also discusses his love of travel, discovering foreign cultures and how he has overcome challenges by using positivity and open-mindedness. Ghaffar also recently graduated from Tsinghua with his PhD, and we wish both he and Kate our sincere congratulations!

Episode 02

From China Novice to Published Author

In the second episode, our hosts chat to Kate, a recent Tsinghua PhD graduate from the School of Environment. Our conversations touch on a number of topics including learning Chinese through host families, how to adapt to Chinese academic and business culture, and what it's like to live in China without a mobile phone.

Episode 01

Living with Less, Finding a Second Home in Rural Yunnan

In the first episode, we are hearing from Taylor Loeb, who had spent two years in a village in Dali, Yunnan, teaching 5th graders English. Hailing from the United States, Taylor graduated from Tulane University with a BA in Finance (cum laude) in 2013 and has previously worked as a financial analyst at Harvard University and as business development manager for a Chinese startup in Boston. 

As always, you can get in touch with the Insight Cathay team at , particularly if you'd like to share your experiences with us in a future episode.